The Audax Ethos


In training, as in life, excellence is not an accident.  An intention toward excellence must permeate our planning, decision making and the execution of our daily routine.


Audax:  Adjective

  1. bold

  2. daring

  3. courageous


Scientia: Noun

  1. knowledge, science

  2. skill


Animulus:  Noun

  1. heart, soul

Kimberly Brown

Head Breeder, Founder



Kimberly grew up in the Von Waldberg Kennel, her family owned and operated business. At the age of 21 she bought into the family business as a partner and co-owned and operated the kennel along side her father and Sr. partner Phil Skoog. Kimberly attended grooming school and became a certified groomer in 2004.  Kimberly has studied dog breeding, dog training methodology, dog behavior and dog care for her entire life.  Kimberly’s wealth of knowledge related to the German Shepherd breed, reproductive science, and in achieving the potential of the breed is unmatched.  Kimberly has raised German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chows, Border Collies and St Bernards but her heart belongs to the German Shepherd breed.

Jason is the founder of Audax K9.  Jason began training dogs at a young age when he received a mixed breed dog for his sixth birthday.  Jason studied engineering and business at SPU where he developed his love of working with people and working within the scientific method.  After college Jason pursued a career in the commercial insurance industry.  When Jason met his wife Kimberly and began to work with dogs at Von Waldberg German Shepherds his love for training reignited along with his love for Kimberly.  Her experience with the German Shepherd breed, and sharing this knowledge heavily influenced his love of the breed.  Jason began teaching group obedience and protection classes in 2015 after years of study in this area. 

Jason brings his love of protection sports and years of study in this area to the breeding program at Audax.  His focus is to produce the complete German Shepherd, fearless, strong both physically and mentally, bold, forward and capable.  

Jason Brown

Head Trainer, Founder

Dog Trainers in Development

Sig, Josiah, Catie, Kersti


At Audax K9, our children are heavily involved in socializing our dogs.  You will see them on the training field.  We believe in including our children in the learning process.  Both the dogs and the children benefit from the experience.  

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