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Available Trained & Titled
Adult German Shepherds

Below you'll find excellent adult German Shepherds that are available to approved homes. Our available adult German Shepherds are trained and titled in IGP (Schutzhund) and have completed health testing. 

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Willy von Babylon

Available and Ready to Go to an Approved Home.

DOB: May 1, 2019

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear
Embark DNA Panel: Clear/ Negative for 242 genetic diseases.

Willy is V rated; IGP 2, Korklasse (breed evaluation/survey)

Sire: Team Marlboro Hilton II; VA rated, IPO 3, HD/ ED: Normal, Korklasse

Dam: Kira von Babylon; V rated, IPO 1, HD/ ED: Normal, Korklasse

Willy is the turn-key companion and deterrent. 

Willy is the most social German Shepherd male dog that I have experienced in my career. He has camped, hotel-ed, and vacationed​ with us. He chills at our feet at outdoor restaurants. He focus heels when little dogs aggress him. He is lovely with other dogs. He adores children. I took my kiddos to visit friends in Idaho this summer. Willy and Bathilda roadtripped with us. I could ask any of the kids, including my friends children to go get him out and potty walk him with complete trust in his behavior. I'll never forget the day we imported him from Germany. I had a handful of high value rewards in my hand. He snubbed me and climbed in my son's lap and ate his 1 treat. He is the ultimate trustworthy and versatile German Shepherd. 

Willy is trained in the sport of Schutzhund/ IGP to the second level. This includes obedience, protection and tracking. He naturally uses his nose. We have continually sharpened his obedience skills and protection skills. I love working him in personal protection. He is an intimidating dog who brings his presence up over the equipment into the decoy's face. I'm so glad he's not barking in my face!

His great, great, great, great grandma was Jason's and my personal dog when we first got married!  Our intimate knowledge of the pedigrees of our dogs are a crucial part of our breeding program. Having seen Willy's ancestry and to know what they have produced over the last 15 years gives us confidence in Willy and his future offspring being an integral part of our breeding program.

His pedigree is chocked full of some of our favorite VA dogs over the years: Team Marlboro Hilton, Yuri vom Osterberger Land, Mentos vom Osterberger-Land, Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Pacco vom Langenbungert, Yak vom Frankengold, Hoss vom Larchenhain, Zamp vom Thermodos, just to name a few.

Willy is passionate for play. Can we say BALL!​

Thea von der Burg Konigstein

DOB: September 22, 2019

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal​


Thea is V rated, IGP 1, WB, BH, AD, Korklass​​


Sire: Negus de Marka, VA rated, IPO 3, HD: Fast Normal, ED: Normal

Dam: Iduna von der Burg Königstein; V rated, IPO 1, HD/ ED: Normal


​Thea touched down from Germany just after Christmas, bringing an excellent temperament with her. From the moment she stepped off the plane, she radiated happiness, resilience, and love, capturing the hearts of our entire family. Amazing with the kids and she bonds quickly with the adults in her life.


Thea possesses not only a generous heart but also sound nerves and a steadfast character. While her protection work exudes fierceness and intensity, she maintains a gentle and trustworthy demeanor with the family.​She embodies the quintessence of the ideal German Shepherd.​

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