Chakira von Dacon


On Chakira von Dacon:

If you have followed our business, been in our classes or watched our digital content online you likely have at least some familiarity with Chakira von Dacon. Chakira stops traffic wherever we go with her striking good looks, personality and fearless demeanor. Chakira is a fixture at Audax K9 and truly a great ambassador of the German Shepherd breed. She lives with our family where she works and plays daily with our children and strangers alike. She is social, engaging and balanced with good working drives and train-ability. She is a physical powerhouse on the field with striking bold features, substantial bone and beautiful in proportion. Chakira passes these traits to her offspring producing very high quality pups that lead successful lives. Perhaps among her greatest accomplishments is her ability to work as a neutral dog as we work with client dogs that have dog-aggression issues. Chakira's ability to hold her obedience and ignore even the most outlandish behavior from other dogs when working is beyond any expectation. We consider her an associate trainer here at Audax K9 for this ability.

Bakira vom Haus Audax

Made of pure energy, Bakira is forward, courageous, solid, full of life and lighthearted.  She brings energy to the work and has enthusiasm to spare.  A treasure.

Balista vom Haus Audax

Balista has a sweet soul that upon first meeting might make you think she is laid back, until you see her move, that is.  Purposeful, direct, forward, fearless, motivated.  These characteristics are wonderfully balanced by her character, her gentleness and her engaging eyes.  

Bathilda vom Haus Audax

Bathilda, inherited her mother Chakira's drive, her willingness to please, her playfulness and fearlessness. Her piercing eyes, deep bark and substantial size make her a touch intimidating to the faint of heart but her character and engaging spirit will draw you in.

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