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GSD Litter News!

We have many exciting plans in the works at Vom Haus Audax. 

In January 2022, we added a stunning male to our German Shepherd breeding program. Willy von Babylon was imported directly from Germany. He was raised, trained, titled and health tested under the care of the von Babylon Kennel in Germany.


German Shepherd


We are currently planning our 2024 litters. Be on the look out for updates and litter confirmations.

As pregnancies are confirmed, litters will be posted on the website.


Reach out to us for additional information or to be considered for our waiting list.

German Shepherd Puppy

Goethe vom Zellwaldrand
IGP 2, 

SG 1

DOB: 11/11/2021

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

Goethe is a stunning and drivey male in Germany with an excellent temperament. He comes from the same kennel as our beloved Emma and Stella. Goethe passes his korklasse in November. We are excited to see his owner's success of the as he continues to work and campaign him in Germany. 


"O" Litter


Expected DOB: January 20, 2024
Ready to go home on or about March 23, 2024

Thea is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound.

We are excited to add Thea to our home and breeding program. She is a daughter of Iduna, who has been in our home for the last 2 years. 
Thea was bred to Goethe in Germany and confirmed pregnant prior to arriving from

Goethe & Thea both have excellent character. They have been raised with young children and have trustworthy temperaments. They both quickly turn on their drive when it is time to work. Their bite work is excellent, they out quickly and are clear headed in the work. 



Thea von der Burg Konigstein

IGP 1, Korklasse

V rated

DOB: Sept 22, 2019

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

We are ecstatic to be importing Thea from the Burg Konigstein kennel in Germany. She has been bred to a complimentary and proven male, Goethe. She will be confirmed pregnant via ultrasound prior to arriving from Germany. 

At Audax, we pride ourselves on the legacy that we are creating by having a multi generational program at our home. Thea is an excellent example of this. Her mother is Iduna whom we imported 2 years ago. We also imported her Aunt, Orlis. Everyone who meets Orlis loves her. Orlis and Iduna have the same dam.

Thea will initially draw your attention with her stunning good looks and her rich pigment. However, her work is even more impressive than her looks. She has strong forward drives with a firm grip and intense bark and hold. She is small but mighty. Thea is a versatile female with a lovely temperament, trustworthy with the family and a kind heart. But also a will and desire to protect.

Willy von Babylon, Chakira von Dacon & Jason Brown

Willy von Babylon
IGP 2, 
AK (D)

V rated

DOB: 5/1/2019

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear

Embark Test: Clear/ Negative of 220 genetic diseases

We imported Willy from the well respected von Babylon kennel. Willy is titled to the IGP 2 level, has received the V (excellent) show rated and has the highest hip and elbow certification awarded. Willy is a powerhouse with elegant proportions. He is a mountain of energy and brings all his high drives to his work


DOB: April 2, 2023
Available & Ready to Go

Maverick: Blue Collar, Pick Male Puppy, in training to consider for our future breeding program
Meatloaf: Black Collar, 
Mason: Orange Collar male,  SOLD
Magnus: Green Collar Male, SOLD 
Mahalo: Red Collared Male, SOLD

Moxi: Long Haired Pink Collar Female  SOLD
Miracle: Lavender Collared Female SOLD
Montana: Pick Female Puppy, in training to consider for our future breeding program

Our M litter is extremely special. Willy's lineage has been in our breeding program for over 15 years. Willy's paternal grandmother, 5 generations removed, was a dog I imported from Germany in 2007. Mirka was Jason & I's personal dog until she passed at 14. Stella, the dam of our M litter, placed highly at the 2019 BSZS Sieger show, receiving the V 26 placing in the working class. Stella is now our 11 year old son's service dog. She has an amazing temperament with calm, gentle spirit but a confidence born from good genetics.

We have held on to the majority of our M litter to watch them grow and develop as we decide which puppies will have the best drives and tenacity for us to pursue IGP (schutzhund) with. 

We are offering the above puppies available for sale to approved homes.



Stella vom Zellwaldrand

IP0 2, AK (D)

V rated; Placed V23 at the 2019 BSZS Seiger Show in Germany 

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

DM: Carrier

Embark Test: Clear/ Negative of 219 genetic diseases

We were honored to add Stella to our home, family and breeding program in the spring of 2021. Stella was born, raised, trained, shown and received all her titles and certifications in Germany prior to us importing. Stella is has proven herself as a protection dog, a trustworthy family companion and an amazing mom. Her temperament is unmatched. Everyone loves her, including our veterinarian and his staff.


Stella competed multiple times at the BSZS Seiger show in Germany. It requires intention to find a dog of her caliber with the health ratings that she has received AND the health ratings of her parents, grandparents and ancestors. 

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