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Available Young Adult
German Shepherds

Below you'll find excellent young adult German Shepherds that are available to approved homes. Our available young adult German Shepherds are crate trained with good house manners and a foundation in basic obedience. The specific skills and training level will vary by dog. Each dog listed is actively in training. 

We are committed German Shepherd Breeders located in Washington state. Our passion is to breed the finest German Shepherds for your home.

Isaac vom Haus Audax

Isaac is our pick male from our I Litter. He is an outgoing, confident male German Shepherd. From puppihood, he loves hanging out with the big dogs. His dad is one of his best buds.  Every new place he goes, he thinks its the best experience ever. He is curious, forward, social, engaging and uninhibited. 

Isaac is a large boned male with a deep chest, broad head and a nice thick muzzle. He flies across the grass with fluid movement and good reach and extension. 

He has strong balanced drives and loves tug a war. He has a solid foundation in play drive development and is actively working in protection training. We are working toward titling him in the sport of IGP. He is currently in training preparing for his BH degree, AD & IGP 1. He is a pushy, drivey dog who will do well in the sport.

Isaac is crate trained, good in the home and has a solid foundation in obedience. 

Skills's he's mastered: 

  •  Place

  •  Sit

  •  Down

  •  Heel

  •  Come

  •  Casual walk while respecting the leash

  •  Focus on handler


All of Isaac's obedience has been created utilizing an implied stay. This means he knows to stay in a behavior until released without being told to stay.

Available to an approved home for $18,500 plus tax.

Bakira vom Haus Audax

Available to an approved home for $8500 plus sales tax.

DOB: May 21, 2018

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

DM: Clear

Sire: Bax von der Karl May Höhle; V rated, IPO 3, kkl1a, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Dam: Chakira von Dacon; V rated, IPO 1, kkla, HD: Fast Normal, ED: Normal

Bakira is an expressive, forward, courageous and solid dog, full of life and lighthearted. Bakira loves to road trip with her people. She travels well in the car and RV. She is fun to vacation with, loves long walks on the beach and curling up at your feet by the camp fire in the evenings.


Bakira has been raised with 4 young, exuberant children. She is trustworthy with children and their chaos. She works well around other dogs daily and ignores them while she works. She loves demoing skills in obedience classes for all the newbies.


She is happiest with her people and plays well with respectful male dogs. Bakira is crate trained, well mannered in the home and has a solid foundation in obedience. She brings energy to the work and has enthusiasm to spare.  A treasure.

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