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V Chakira von Dacon, IPO 1, AK D

DOB: September 28, 2012

Chakira was retired from our breeding program after her last litter in June 2019. She now lives the well loved life: lounging on the couch, chilling at our feet and demoing at group training classes. Her favorite time of day is training time. For a dog that is close to 9 years old, she has the drive and energy of a 4 year old. She is still learning new skills, refreshing old skills and loving all the treats our kids try and sneak her.

Chakira is the ultimate German Shepherd female.  Her character defines the best of what a German Shepherd Dog can be.  Highly trainable, confident, balanced drives, fearless, and highly capable.  An exceptional companion, protector, and mother.  Chakira lives in our home with our four children.  She works daily in our training business.  We call her an "associate instructor" since she spends a lot of her time demonstrating obedience in group classes and private lessons as well as doing neutral dog work when we work with reactive and aggressive dogs.  

She now supervises her 2 and 4 legged kiddos and enjoys the good life overseeing all that is going on at our home and property.

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