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Thea von der Burg Königstein
Titles: WB, BH, AD, IGP 1, Korklasse

DOB: September 22, 2019

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

Thea is V rated, IGP 1, WB, BH, AD, Korklass

Sire: Negus de Marka, VA rated, IPO 3, HD: Fast Normal, ED: Normal, 

Dam: Iduna von der Burg Königstein; V rated, IPO 1, HD/ ED: Normal, 

Exciting News! Thea, our stunning German import is expecting!

Thea touched down from Germany just after Christmas, bringing an excellent temperament with her. From the moment she stepped off the plane, she radiated happiness, resilience, and love, capturing the hearts of our entire family. Amazing with the kids, she has a special bond with her favorite person, Jason. 

Thea possesses not only a generous heart but also sound nerves and a steadfast character. While her protection work exudes fierceness and intensity, she maintains a gentle and trustworthy demeanor with the family.

She embodies the quintessence of the ideal German Shepherd.

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