Benedict vom Frankengold
V rated, IPO 2, AK (D)
Available to an approved home for $11,000 plus tax.

DOB: July 24, 2015

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear

Embark Genetic Test: Free/ Clear of 196 genetic diseases

Benedict is V rated; IPO 2, Korklasse (breed evaluation) AK (D).

He received the V 23 rating at the 2019 BSZS Seiger Show in Germany.

Sire: Jenky Vac-Vagvölgyi; V rated, IPO 3, HD/ ED: Normal, AK (D)

Dam: Quadriga vom Frankengold; V rated, IPO 2, HD/ ED: Normal, AK (D)

Benedict is a fabulous companion, deterrent and protector. As he enters his retirement from breeding, we are looking for his forever home with these goals.

Benedict is a world class dog. The kind of dog who doesn't come available in the United States very often. 

Benedict comes from a very well respected breed judge in Germany. He was born, raised, trained, shown and received all his titles and certifications in Germany prior to us importing him. He is a proven sire. He has competed multiple times at the BSZS Seiger show in Germany. It is so rare to find a dog of his caliber with the health ratings that he has received AND the health ratings of his parents, grandparents and ancestors.