V Benedict vom Frankengold, IPO 2, AK (D)

DOB: July 24, 2015

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

Benedict is V rated; IPO 2, Korklasse (breed evaluation) AK (D).

He received the V 23 rating at the 2019 BSZS Seiger Show in Germany.

Sire: Jenky Vac-Vagvölgyi; V rated, IPO 3, HD/ ED: Normal, AK (D)

Dam: Quadriga vom Frankengold; V rated, IPO 2, HD/ ED: Normal, AK (D)

We are so blessed to have added Benedict to our breeding program over the summer. Benedict comes from a very well respected breed judge in Germany. He was born, raised, trained, shown and received all his titles and certifications in Germany prior to us importing him. He is a proven sire. He has competed multiple times at the BSZS Seiger show in Germany. It is so rare to find a dog of his caliber with the health ratings that he has received AND the health ratings of his parents, grandparents and ancestors. 

Benedicts first litter at Vom Haus Audax is due to be born on or about December 25th!

Pedigree coming soon!