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Emmi vom Westerwieher-Land

DOB: August 23, 2021

Sire: Irkan vom Patersweg, V rated, IGP 1, kkl1a, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Dam:; Isis vom Lupi, V rated, IGP 1, kkla, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Emmi is the epitome of all that we look for in a dog to consider for our breeding program: Correct structure, coloring, character and an outstanding pedigree. She handled the flight from Germany and culture shock that comes with relocating like a champ. She is resilient and confidently handles changed well.


Emmi has what we call balanced drives. This means she has great play drive, good food drive and social drive. We can play tug a war with enthusiasm and when we're done, she's still a sweet heart. She will train and work for food and for pets. She can work and she can be calm and relaxed.


Emmi's movement, structure and conformation are excellent. Combine with her rich red and black coloring, she is exactly what we look for.


Emmi is a lover. She enjoys being with us and adores attention. She will happily curl up with one of our kids for "nap time". She is a GSD pup so can get a little bitey when she is tired or overstimulated but she is much better than most puppies. We keep a Kong stuffed animal toy around for those moments where she needs a little extra help to make the right choice. 

Emmi is crated trained and sleeps from 9 PM to 7 AM. We are actively working on her house manners. She is great in the home, supervised. We are actively working her through our training program working on motivational obedience skills, respecting the leash, and building her confidence in how we work with her. We have started working with Emmi toward the goal of titling her in IGP, and pursuing health testing including hip & elbow certifications after her 2nd birthday and potentially adding her to our breeding program.

Emmi's Sire: 

Irkan vom Patersweg & his owner in Germany

Emmi's Dam: 

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