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SOLD: Jura von Mittelsachsen

DOB: June 6, 2020

Sire: Alf vom Kalifels, V1 rated, IGP 3, kkl1a, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Dam:; Sari vom Team Hühnegrab, V rated, IPO 1, kkla, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Are you looking for a running partner who can be your best friend, gentle and loving but also a deterrent? Desiring a quality German Shepherd but you don't want to go through the puppy "shark" phase? If so, you need to meet Jura. Jura has a solid foundation in obedience and actively working on her off leash skills, she is frequently demonstrating skills in our obedience classes. Crate trained, of course. She loves to lay on her bed in the house supervising the kids school work. She has a reliable temperament with people and dogs. While she adores other dogs, she knows to focus on her handler and ignore all else. The reward of a ball is her greatest motivator.


Jura was imported from Germany in August 2020 to consider for our breeding program. Since arriving, she has already blossomed into a beautiful, traditional female GSD. We are offering her for sale because we had the opportunity this year to import her mom, a V rated, IGP titled, HD/ ED certified female from Germany. Come meet Jura and her mom. We love having multiple generations for you to see in our breeding program.

We  are actively working with her toward the goals of titling her in IGP, hip & elbow certification after her 2nd birthday and potentially adding her to our breeding program.

Jura's Sire: 


Jura's Dam: 

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