Sari vom Team Hühnegrab
V rated, IPO 1, AK (D)
Available to an approved home for $18,000 plus tax

DOB: November 24, 2015

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear

Embark Genetic Test: Free/ Clear of 196 genetic diseases

Sari is V rated; IPO 1 Korklasse (breed evaluation) AK (D).

Sire: Gary vom Hühnegrabi; VA rated, IPO 3, HD/ ED: Normal, AK (D)

Dam: Coco vom Hühnegrab; V rated, IPO 1, HD/ ED: Normal, AK (D)

In the summer of 2020, we imported two 10 week old puppies from Germany. Jitta and Jura are the daughters of Sari. We have kept Jura and Jitta, evaluating them for our future breeding program. When Sari became available, we couldn't say no. We love Jura and Jitta: their heart, their drives, their structure. They are the complete package. We also are passionate about seeing generation to generation what our dogs produce. When you come visit, we love being able to show you Grandma, Mom and Daughter. We have this with Chakira, Bathilda and Bakira. Now we are building this same model with Sari and Jura and Jitta.

Sari is expecting her first litter mated to Benedict. She is expected to deliver on or about October 5, 2021. We are accepting applications for our waiting list.

Sari is a large boned, thick female, strong in mind and body. She has a nose for tracking and a passion for protection work. She is a high drive female and will produce dogs that will be ideal in working homes. We recommend her litters for experienced dog owners who plan to be actively involved in training sports with their dogs. Sari and her daughters are fabulous family dogs. They are all excellent with our children and in our home. They are great with well intention strangers. However, they are fierce deterrents and protectors when the need arises.