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Sold: Yanka vom Zellwaldrand

DOB: March 1, 2021

Sire: Gavien vom Zellwaldrand, V1 rated, IGP 1, kkl1a, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Dam:; Diba vom Zellwaldrand, V rated, IGP 1, kkla, HD: Normal, ED: Fast Normal

Are you looking for a quality puppy but you don't want to go through the baby puppy stage? Yanka is a great solution. She's crate trained, learning how to behave and engage in the home respectfully and has a incredible start on her basic obedience foundation. Puppies are a lot of fun and a lot of work. Let us do some of the work for you. 

Yanka is at the point in her development that she could pursue a variety of fun training pursuits: Protection, IGP, Agility, Nosework, Tracking, Competition Obedience. We have mindfully begun her foundational training in a manner that will compliment and benefit any of these ventures.


Current on vaccinations and veterinary exam. 


Yanka would love to interview you in person. She is available by appointment. 

Yanka's Sire:


Yanka's Dam:

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