I Litter

1 Male & 2 Females Puppies
Available to Approved Homes

Sire: V Willy von Babylon

Dam: V26 Stella vom Zellwaldrand

Date of Birth: August 1, 2022

Available & Ready to Go


Details on parents, their training, titles, pedigrees and health testing are below.


We have long waited for a litter from Stella vom Zellwalrand. She is the ultimate representation of the breed: drives, temperament, structure, movement, temperament and genetics. This is documented by her success at the 2019 World Seiger Show in Germany where she placed V23.

Matched with Willy von Babylon and all he brings to our breeding program, we are ecstatic to keep 1 male and 1 female from this litter!

Our I litter is a high drive litter. These pups love to use their nose and demonstrate a high hunt drive. 

They have the capability to pursue sport nose work, tracking, search and rescue, substance detection, cadaver detection, IGP, personal protection or the sport of your choice.

Interested in meeting these high drive show line German Shepherd pups? Call or email to schedule your appointment.

Isabelle vom Haus Audax

Isabelle is a glamorous, long haired German Shepherd Pup with rich red and black pigment. The long haired gene is a recessive gene that can pop up if both the sire and dam have the gene. 

We love Isabelle's happy, good natured personality. She is a lover of people and dogs. She thinks every dog is her best friend and must want to play with her. With two pushy big brothers, she has no problem standing up to them and holds her own. 

She is a very clean puppy who crate and potty trained easily. Isabelle is actively working with our trainers on her house manners, social skills and basic obedience training.

Isabelle is available for $3500 plus tax.

Ilka vom Haus Audax

Sweet and Spicy describe Ilka perfectly. She can be calm, gentle and mellow when laying at my feet while I'm working on dinner or washing dishes. But when she flips that switch into working mode, she is focused, intense, driven, motivated and vocal.

Ilka has good bone, a well put together front end and deep chest, free movement with good extension and a nice top line. While still feminine, she has a broad head with a dark eye and rich red and black pigment.

Similar to Ice, she has strong prey drives, stays in the fight and has a clear head. 

We are excited to see her develop in every aspect.

Will consider placing in an approved home for $5500 plus tax.

Ice vom Haus Audax

This has been the most challenging litter to select the pick male. Ice and Isaac are so close and both have so many spectacular traits. We particularly love his drive and intensity in the "fight". He does not give up. He stays in the fight even when it gets frustrating or challenging. Please note, we're evaluating this as we're playing tug a war utilizing a leather rag or a flirt pole as we cultivate his play drives. 


He has a tremendous structure, with good movement, rich pigment, excellent problem solving skills and an all around engaging, outgoing, curious disposition. 

He is constantly nose to the ground, following scents; tracking other dogs, moles and wild life. It's a kick to watch him find a scent trail and naturally work it.

When all of these traits are combined with the bloodlines Willy & Stella bring to the table, we are excited to see Ice grow, train and develop into his full potential.

Ice is available for $4500 plus tax.

Isaac vom Haus Audax

Isaac is our pick male from our I Litter. He is an outgoing, confident male German Shepherd puppy who thinks he rules the world. He loves hanging out with the big dogs. His dad is one of his best buds. While he's still learning to love car rides, he loves the destination. Every new place he goes, he thinks its the best experience ever. He is curious, forward, social, engaging and uninhibited. 

Isaac is a large boned pup with a deep chest, broad head and a nice thick muzzle. He flies across the grass with fluid movement and good reach and extension. 

He has good balanced drives and loves tug a war almost as much as his brother, Ice. 

Will consider placing in an approved home for $5500 plus tax.

Sire: V Willy vom Babylon

        IGP 2, AK (D);

        HD: Normal, ED: Normal

        DM: Clear

        Embark Genetic Test: Free/ Clear of 220 genetic diseases

We are ecstatic to add Willy von Babylon to our breeding program! Willy arrived safely from Germany in January. He is 3 years old, IGP 2, V rated and HD/ED: Normal.

His great, great, great, great grandma was Jason and I's personal dog when we first got married! Our intimate knowledge of the pedigrees of our dogs are a crucial part of our breeding program. Having seen Willy's ancestry and to know what they have produced over the last 15 years gives us confidence in Willy and his future offspring being an integral part of our breeding program.

His pedigree is chalked full of some of our favorite VA dogs over the years: Team Marlboro Hilton, Yuri vom Osterberger Land, Mentos vom Osterberger-Land, Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Pacco vom Langenbungert, Yak vom Frankengold, Hoss vom Larchenhain, Zamp vom Thermodos, just to name a few.

Willy is passionate for play. Can we say BALL! 🏀 ⚽️

He loves kids, people and treats. We are love what he produces in our puppies.

willy german shepherd stud

Dam: Stella vom Zellwaldrand

         IPO 2, AK (D),

         Hips: Normal; Elbows: Normal

         DM: Carrier
         Embark Tests: Clear of 219 genetic diseases

Stella received the V 26 rating at the 2019 BSZS Seiger Show in Germany. Breeding a dog who is a DM carrier is a something we weigh carefully. Because the sire of the litter is DM clear, it is safe to breed Stella and know that she will not produce puppies with DM. We have a responsibility as a breeder to weigh the entire picture and not just one facet. Stella's quality, temperament, bloodlines are not worth removing from the gene pool because of one facet. According to PawPrint Genetics DM "is inherited in a recessive fashion with incomplete penetrance meaning that a dog must inherit two copies of the mutation (one from each parent) in order to develop DM." Read PawPrint Genetics article regarding DM Carriers here.

We were honored to add Stella to our home, family and breeding program in the spring of 2021. Stella was born, raised, trained, shown and received all her titles and certifications in Germany prior to us importing. Stella is has proven herself as a protection dog, a trustworthy family companion and an amazing mom. Her temperament is unmatched. Everyone loves her, including our veterinarian and his staff. 

We are excited for V 26 - Stella vom Zellwaldrand's litter with V Willy von Babylon!