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Leila vom Haus Audax

DOB: March 20, 2023

In September, Leila, just six months old, found her way back to us due to a series of unfortunate events. We are appreciative that our clients trust us to welcome our dogs back into our care.

After confirming Leila's good health through a series of vet appointments, one of our associate trainers took her home for a few weeks to focus on refining her house manners, socialization, and obedience training. During this time, Leila became the constant companion of our trainer.

Leila embarked on exciting field trips to the Schutzhund club, reveling in the experiences. She also celebrated her first Halloween, enthusiastically welcoming hundreds of costumed kids at the door. Leila not only embraced the attention but thrived on it, enjoying every minute.

Her time in the home was marked by joyous play with other dogs, a testament to Leila's love for canine companionship. Her affection extends beyond her fellow furry friends to include kids, dogs, and people in general. Leila, with her heart of gold, exudes extreme sociability, reminiscent of her father Willy, especially in the kindness reflected in her eyes.

Under Hannah's training and guidance, Leila flourishes. She effortlessly performs intricate obedience exercises with precision, all in exchange for the simple reward of a toss of her soft frisbee. Leila showcases a perfect blend of athleticism and intelligence, making her an ideal choice for those seeking an active and intelligent companion.

Sire: V Willy von Babylon

IGP 2, AK (D);

HD: Normal, ED: Normal

DM: clear

Embark Genetic Test: Free/ clear of 220 genetic diseases.

We are ecstatic to add Willy von Babylon to our breeding program!

Willy arrived safely from Germany on a sunny Friday afternoon in January, 2022. He is IGP 2, V rated and HD/ED: Normal.

His great, great, great, great grandma was Jason and I's personal dog when we first got married!  Our intimate knowledge of the pedigrees of our dogs are a crucial part of our breeding program. Having seen Willy's ancestry and to know what they have produced over the last 15 years gives us confidence in Willy and his future offspring being an integral part of our breeding program.

His pedigree is choked full of some of our favorite VA dogs over the years: Team Marlboro Hilton, Yuri vom Osterberger Land, Mentos vom Osterberger-Land, Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Pacco vom Langenbungert, Yak vom Frankengold, Hoss vom Larchenhain, Zamp vom Thermodos, just to name a few.

Willy is passionate for play. Can we say BALL!

He loves kids, people and treats. We are so excited to see what he produces in our puppies.

Audax K9 September 2023 Shoot by Michael Matti-103.jpg

Dam: Bakira vom Haus Audax

DOB: May 21, 2018

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

DM: Clear

Health Testing Documentation available on Bakira's page of our website or by request.​

Sire: Bax von der Karl May Höhle; V rated, IPO 3, kkl1a, HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Dam: Chakira von Dacon; V rated, IPO 1, kkla, HD: Fast Normal, ED: Normal

Meet Bakira, the epitome of expressiveness, courage, and solidity—a dog brimming with life and a carefree spirit. This adventurous canine companion thrives on road trips, seamlessly blending into the journey, be it in a car or RV. Bakira adds a vibrant touch to vacations, relishing long walks on the beach and cozying up by the campfire during evenings.

Having been raised amidst the exuberance of four young children, Bakira has proven to be trustworthy in the midst of their playful chaos. She effortlessly integrates into family life, demonstrating a remarkable ability to work harmoniously around other dogs on a daily basis, paying them no mind as she focuses on her tasks.

Bakira's joy is truly amplified when surrounded by her people. With crate training, impeccable manners at home, and a strong foundation in obedience, Bakira brings a perfect balance of energy and enthusiasm to any setting. She is indeed a treasure—a loyal and delightful companion ready to enhance your life with her infectious spirit.

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