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G Litter

Grogu vom Haus Audax

Gwendolyn vom Haus Audax

DOB: March 25, 2022

Sire: Willy vom Babylon

Dam: Sari vom Team Hühnegrab

Pedigree and health testing information below. Email or call us for copies of the health testing data.

Grogu is available and ready to go to an approved home for $4500 plus tax.  Grogu's price has been discounted due to his testicles not yet dropping and reflects that he will be sold on a pet, neuter contract. While his testicles may still drop, it is less likely.


My oldest son has affectionately nicknamed Grogu "Tank" because he is as broad and stout as a tank. He is sweet, fiesty and fun. Grogu is full of spirit, turning everything into a game. His favorite spot is standing between your feet or walking with you. He loves chewing on stuffed animal toys (for dogs). Sometimes he intentionally confuses our grandma dog's tail with his toy and attacks it. While he is a shark with his toys, he is good with all of us. He is happiest being with people and following people around. He's met Mastiff's, doodle, shih tsu's, cavapoo's and more. He thinks everyone is his friend.


Grogu has been started in basic obedience. We are using food lures and positive reinforcement to shape his recall (come), sit, stand, down, heel and bed (place) cues. His potty training is going well. His house training is great. As long as we pay attention, he always potties outside on cue. 

Gwendolyn's name means blessed, white, fair. All of these fit her so well. White for her cute white toe, Blessed for her darling, sweet personality and what a blessing she is to be around and Fair for her good looks. We are torn. Should we keep her for our family and potentially our breeding program down the road? Or should we place her in a wonderful forever home? Time will tell. If the ideal home comes along, we may consider it. If not, she is actively apart of our family, primarily living in the home, going to kid activities with us and living life with us. 

She is a beautiful representation of the breed. Her structure, temperament, color, drives and demeanor make her a tempting package. She loves to play and loves to work. She has great drives but happily falls sound asleep at the kids feet. When a baby cries, she runs over, gently licks his hand or face to see what's wrong. Strong but gentle. Gwendolyn is our pick of the litter and thus, her price currently is $5500 plus tax. She is crate trained, rocking house training and started in basic obedience training.

Sire: V Willy vom Babylon

IGP 2, AK (D);

HD: Normal, ED: Normal

DM: Clear

Embark Genetic Test: Free/ Clear of 220 genetic diseases

We are ecstatic to add Willy von Babylon to our breeding program! Willy arrived safely from Germany in January. He is 3 years old, IGP 2, V rated and HD/ED: Normal.
His great, great, great, great grandma was Jason and I's personal dog when we first got married! Our intimate knowledge of the pedigrees of our dogs are a crucial part of our breeding program. Having seen Willy's ancestry and to know what they have produced over the last 15 years gives us confidence in Willy and his future offspring being an integral part of our breeding program.
His pedigree is chalked full of some of our favorite VA dogs over the years: Team Marlboro Hilton, Yuri vom Osterberger Land, Mentos vom Osterberger-Land, Remo vom Fichtenschlag, Pacco vom Langenbungert, Yak vom Frankengold, Hoss vom Larchenhain, Zamp vom Thermodos, just to name a few.
Willy is passionate for play. Can we say BALL! 🏀 ⚽️
He loves kids, people and treats. We are so excited to see what he produces in our puppies.

Willy Pedigree1.png

Dam: V, Sari vom Team Hühnegrab

IPO 1, AK (D);

HD: Normal, ED: Normal

DM: Clear

Embark Genetic Test: Free/ Clear of 196 genetic diseases.

Sari is a large boned, thick female, strong in mind and body. She has a nose for tracking and a passion for protection work. She is a high drive female and will produce dogs that will be ideal in working homes. We recommend her litters for experienced dog owners who plan to be actively involved in training sports with their dogs. Sari and her daughters are fabulous family dogs. They are all excellent with our children and in our home. They are great with well intention strangers. However, they are fierce deterrents and protectors when the need arises.

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